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Custom Tuning – Website Disclaimers 

PLEASE NOTE that all services we provide are subject to our terms and conditions, which can be found on our website at [URL] or provided by us on request.  If you require a copy of our terms or conditions please contact us at [] and we will be happy to provide these to you. 

Certain vehicle modifications may render your vehicle illegal for use on roads in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.  If you intend to purchase modifications or tuning services from us, you must ensure you are aware of the laws surrounding the use of modified vehicles in the United Kingdom or any jurisdiction where you intend to use the vehicle.   

Any modifications made to a vehicle or tuning performed on a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (“ECU”) may invalidate (i) the insurance policy for the vehicle or (ii) the terms of a hire purchase contract or personal contract purchase which applies to the vehicle or (iii) the manufacturer’s warranty for the vehicle  All customers are responsible for ensuring they seek the appropriate approvals from any third parties required to undertake any modifications or ECU tuning.  We are not responsible or liable to you for your failure to do so. 

Factory-installed Diesel Particulate Filters (“DPF”) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (“EGR”) systems are designed to limit harmful vehicle emissions. When these systems get blocked or obstructed they can reduce the airflow to your vehicle, causing reduced engine function or in some cases engine failure.  If you request that we remove these systems (including any associated ECU reprogramming) then by doing so you acknowledge that removal of DPF or EGR systems is illegal for vehicles on roads and public highways in the United Kingdom. A vehicle without a DPF or an EGR system will fail its MOT and you may incur legal consequences for using a vehicle on the road without these parts fitted, including fines, points on your driver’s licence or potentially jail time.   

Removal of certain functions and features of a vehicle, including but not limited to DPF, EGR, lambda sensors, catalytic converters, AdBlue and vehicle fault codes are subject to local laws and regulations.  We advise that all customers ensure they are aware with laws and regulations applicable to on-road vehicles in the UK before requesting any systems removal work. 

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