Carbon Engine Cleaning

Engine carbon cleaning is a growing industry and a popular method of cleaning the inside of a vehicle’s engine.


Engine carbon cleaning is a growing industry and a popular method of cleaning the inside of a vehicle’s engine.

Over time, a combustion engine builds up internal deposits, such as carbon, tars, gums, etc. While these are natural by-products of the combustion process, they can accumulate and affect the performance of an engine, including emissions, power and efficiency.

Carbon cleaning your engine can remove these deposits and offer a number of benefits to the motorist – but not all carbon cleaning solutions work in the same way.

What does Carbon Clean do?

A engine carbon clean has a number of benefits for vehicles with combustion engines.

Carbon clean can remove deposits from areas of the engine that other processes can’t reach. This includes the combustion chambers, exhaust ports, cats, lambda sensors, inlet valves, fuel injectors and fuel pressure regulators.

Regained Performance

Cars that are not combusting as effectively as they should be will not be as powerful as they should be. Carbon clean will help to restore power to an engine. Note that carbon clean is not a modification – it won’t give performance that wasn’t there in the first place, but it will help to regain power that has been lost over time.

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Improved MPG / Efficiency

No matter what vehicle you run, you want to spend as little money on fuel as possible. Custom Tuning Aberdeen carbon clean can help to improve your car’s efficiency: many of our customers have reported increases in their miles-per-gallon.

Reduced Running Costs/Wear And Tear

By keeping crucial engine components clean, carbon clean reduces wear and tear and enhances overall life of parts.

We recommend semi-regular cleans as part of a preventative maintenance schedule, approximately every 15,000 miles.

Many regular carbon cleans customers include taxi drivers or companies operating fleets of vehicles such as vans. They cover more hard miles than most other vehicles, and their operators understand the need to keep the inner workings of their engines running as smoothly as possible.

Reduced Emissions

There are two main reasons to want to lower your vehicle’s emissions:

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