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Custom Tuning Aberdeen have installed Dyno Dynamics Rolling road which is top of the range in the market Digital chassis dyno.

Rolling Road / Dyno

Custom Tuning Aberdeen have installed Dyno Dynamics Rolling road which is top of the range in the market Digital chassis dyno. We have specifically chosen the Dyno Dynamics purely because of its accuracy, reliability and repeatability. The latest digital control system means that once the car is being run, the operator cannot influence the results of the dyno run. This means our customers can be assured of the integrity of the results we produce. We pride ourselves in saying we won’t ever give out inflated figures. The dyno itself is capable of handling a total of 2400BHP, axle torque up to 9220ft/lb. Vehicles we can tune on our Dyno Dynamics dyno:
  • Front Wheel Drive vehicles
  • Rear Wheel Drive vehicles
  • Haldex (or similar) Equipped Quattro / 4 Motion Vehicles
  • Motorcycles

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Live Dyno Tuning

Live tuning process requires adjusting mapping in the ECU, such as boost, ignition timing, fuel, cam timing etc in all rpm and load points. The dyno is very useful for this as you can isolate and hold the vehicle at certain rpm/load to perfect the tune at any given point, something impossible to do on the road. We also have diagnostics equipment connected to the vehicle to we can measure what the engine is doing to give us a better understanding of how changes in the map effect performance.

As the vehicles ECU is constantly changing how it runs the engine based on sensors such as airflow meters, O2 sensors, temp sensors and knock sensors, when a vehicle is modified with parts such as downpipes, intercoolers, turbo’s, intakes, it can have a huge effect on how the ECU operates and can through a tune off course, so tuning the ECU is in our opinion the most important part of the modification process.

Factory ECU vs Aftermarket ECU tuning is pretty similar with the only exception is that OEM ecu tuning is limited to what the tuning software is able to let you change, where an aftermarket ECU is basically a mapped out ECU with all required options and additional features that are more suited towards Motorsport. The process of tuning both is the same with a little more work required for aftermarket ECU’s as you are starting from scratch unlike a factory ECU that has already had countless hours tuned at the factory.

We can run front or rear wheel drive vehicles, and can even cater for certain 4wd vehicles (Haldex based drivetrains can typically be disabled allowing us to run them on our 2WD setup). To ensure safe running we monitor and log the Air to Fuel ratio and Boost pressure at all times, these can be plotted on the graphs if required. Additional OBD data logging can be carried out with more than 150 alternate channels of data available. Power runs whether you are wanting to ensure everything is running in its optimal state, making sure your vehicle is producing quoted power, or simply to settle a bet.

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