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Every motorcycle is different, as they are all just machines, built to acceptable tolerance levels by the manufacturers and built to satisfy stringent worldwide emission laws.

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

Every motorcycle is different, as they are all just machines, built to acceptable tolerance levels by the manufacturers and built to satisfy stringent worldwide emission laws. Although the manufacturers build tolerances are good, they are not perfect, and so ten identical bikes will actually put out ten different power outputs. Here at Custom Tuning Aberdeen, we offer a truly bespoke tuning service to get the most out of your individual bike.

For the perfect ignition burn, you need a ratio of 1 part fuel to 13.2 parts air for most bikes. Very few bikes are actually running this exact ratio straight out of the factory, and so we can tune it to a far better ratio for you. If you fit a hi-flow air filter (eg K & N) or an aftermarket exhaust, it can cause your bike to run lean which means too much air going in for the amount of fuel, so the ignition is not as great as it could be, as the ratio has changed. An ECU Remap or a power commander will remedy this, and give you greater power and torque, and better ride ability.

Our full custom remap is carried out on our state of the art dyno, and the work we do varies model to model. Most modern bikes are very restricted by the manufacturer in order to pass Euro4 emissions tests. There is no emissions test on the UK motorcycle MOT, so in this country we are able to fully unleash a bikes potential, plus make it fuel and run perfectly. It’s unbelievable how badly a lot of bikes run straight out of the factory. Snatchy throttles, limited power, poor fuelling, and poor fuel economy are pretty much par for the course on new bikes. If your bike has an aftermarket exhaust fitted, the custom remap will benefit you even more, as the bike will have much more air flow than a standard restrictive exhaust, and so the potential for improvement is greater. Some bikes are restricted in the first 3 gears from the factory, so we remove the restrictions, as well as having badly mapped throttles which results in a very snatchy throttle that is hard to control at slow and medium speeds. We make many more changes too, but these are the main ones, and the ones which are the easiest to explain. This work takes roughly half a day.

It's not just about power

Power is great but it’s not the be all and end all. The changes we make to your ECU will improve your bike in many more ways than just top end BHP, although we do appreciate that for bragging rights, everybody wants to know what power their bike is putting out.

What’s actually just as import as power is the torque, the correct fuelling, smooth power delivery, an efficient burn that isn’t wasting fuel, and overall a smooth running and perfect fuelling bike at all levels of RPM.

For example, when you close the throttle on a bike, going into a corner, the injectors close fully. When you re-open the throttle to accelerate out of the corner, it takes a moment for the injectors to open and the fuel to get through, so there’s a slight lag before the power comes in. We can adjust the injectors so that they remain open 20%, meaning that fuel keeps flowing slightly and so the power comes in smoother and quicker when you throttle back on again, as there is already fuel there and the injectors don’t have as far to open. A slight ‘downside’ to this is that there’ll be a tiny amount of unburnt fuel going through and so you may get a pop or a flame as you enter the corner. No customers have complained about this ‘downside’ so far!

We aim to get a smooth power curve, with increased BHP and torque, and a bike that rides better with a really good, smooth power delivery. You’ll get extra horsepower, which most people are hoping for, but you’ll get a bike back with a great midrange that is much more usable too.

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How much power will I get?

Every bike is different, depending on what mods you already have, and also depending on the condition of your engine. Two identical looking bikes will often put out very different power, as they will have been run in differently, ridden differently, and the tolerances that a factory uses when building an engine aren”t small enough to make every engine identical, so even two brand new bikes can put out different power. We don”t quote figures in advance, we just promise that we”ll do what is needed to make the bike much better than it currently is, and we get great results.

Do I need to do anything to my bike before I bring it?

If you are thinking of fitting an aftermarket exhaust or air filter, then do that before you have the ECU remapped, as the map is customised and so the bike will be set up perfectly to run with the new exhaust. If we do the remap first and then you change the exhaust or air filter, it will no longer be fuelling perfectly. A bike needs to be in good condition when it goes on our Dyno, as we won”t put a bike on there if the tyres are bald or the chain is in poor condition. We also need the bike to be running (you”d be surprised how many people bring a bike in for tuning and the battery is completely flat) and it must have enough fuel in the bike for it to be able to run for a few hours.


We know motoring is expensive and most of our customers would rather spend their hard earned money on something else, so with this in mind, we keep our prices to a minimum as much as possible. Of course, we also cater for petrol heads and enthusiasts who want to splash out on their cars, offering performance upgrades and advanced components.

We offer FINANCE on all our services from power runs on our dyno to repairs to custom tuning.

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